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Erectile dysfunction sign: You don’t think about sex as much as you used to

These Are The Reasons Why You Don’t Feel Like Having Sex As Much As You Used To.

Are you facing Low Sex Drive?

Well there may be some reasons contributing to lower your sex drive that you may want to know.

If the things that turned you on don’t work anymore,  there may be some other things responsible for it.


There is a possibility that your testosterone levels must have become really low, which might lead to lower sexual appeal and also erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for your sex drive, explains New York-based urologist and sex expert David Shusterman, M.D. If it plummets, your desire to get going in the say may, too. There can be many reasons contributing to low T (short term for low testosterone). And if you’re not really in the mood, getting hard will be next to impossible.

How Can Low Testosterone be Diagnosed?

  1. Low sex drive itself is one symptom of low T.
  2. Another symptom maybe gaining of belly fat
  3. Mood swings
  4. Weak bones

Your doctor may suggest you to run a couple blood tests which will determine low T levels.


Another reason for low sexual drive is stress. Stress can be caused due to tension at work place, tension in your relationship with your partner or any other reason contributing to stress you out.

Stress can lead to depressed thoughts, sadness which will prevent you from getting that sexy vibe. It is totally upon you how let it get to yourself. Study suggests that women are more stressed as compared to men, it depends on how well you can handle it or how you decide to handle it.

It is better to talk about it to someone whom you trust, who is close to you, friends or family or anyone. When you talk things out it will help you to get out of your own mind and awful thoughts. This may help you a lot to even build your relationship and ultimately better your sex life too.


Along with busting stress and lifting your mood it is also equally important to get fit and exercise your body. When you exercise your body, the blood circulation is improved. In order to get stimulated and feel sexy it is also necessary that your blood circulation good. Exercising will also help to reduce extra fat and ultimately reduce obesity and burn all the unnecessary calories.

Women need to walk for at least 20-45 minutes everyday , it has been observed to help them get physically aroused more. Exercising has lot more benefits including better sex life.

Same goes for men, those men who exercise well also produce good testosterone levels in them which helps them to get sexually aroused. If you don’t exercise often or at all, you might be missing on biochemical foreplay and it might also be the reason why your testosterone levels are low and you don’t feel very much sexy.


Being obsessed with your weight can be a reason you might feel awkward getting naked in front of your partner. Body image issues make it awkward for both men and women.

Mostly women feel it, may be after pregnancy as their body changes, they might feel conscious about themselves if they look attractive while having sex or not and they tend to not give their 100% while in the act. Due these insecurities the other partner might get questions of doubt in their mind like “Am I doing something wrong?” “Is it someone else?” and so on.

It your responsibility to stay 100% in the act and instead of thinking that you are ugly, you can think “my partner loves me carelessly”. A positive attitude will help you better both you and partner’s sex life.


There are some medicines that lowers your libido reducing your sex drive. Some medicines like meds taken for blood pressure, antidepressants, steroids, pain killers, birth control pills, will reduce your sexual desire and you might be confused as to what is the actual reason for not feeling sexy.

Now you cannot really choose between good sex or good health so one way around it is you can ask your doctor to change your mediations. Your doctor might prescribe you medicines that don’t affect your libido.

Even if changing medications doesn’t work for you, you can try medications that will help you have, better erection or prolonged sexual activity. You can take a look at the list of medicines we have.

Don’t worry not all problems are permanent if you think you have tried it all then why not give this a try –  check our medicines, those will definitely help you!

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